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Shoreline Veterans Association
Shoreline Veterans Recognition Plaza


Veterans Recognition Plaza at Shoreline City Hall


About the Plaza

The Shoreline Veterans Recognition Plaza Honors all veterans who have served, are serving the country

The Plaza is dedicated to the valor and sacrifice of our veterans in every branch of the military, made in times of war or peace.


The Plaza is located adjacent to the Shoreline City Hall Council Chamber. The site is 32 feet in diameter and bordered by a 5 foot wide, white concrete sidewalk, which surrounds a flat circle of brick pavers, engraved with veteran’s name, rank, service branch, and dates of service. There are seven 4’ high obelisks on the sidewalk, honoring the different military branches.


The Shoreline Veterans Association was formed by a group of local veterans shortly before Veterans Day 2010. The association hosts the annual November 11 Recognition of Veterans Service.

Membership is open to all active duty personnel in the armed forces, honorably discharged veterans and citizens that support its goals. The Shoreline Veterans Association is an ad hoc committee of Post 227 of The American Legion.

The construction of the Veterans Recognition Plaza has been a dream of the SVA since day one and was dedicated on May 21, 2016.



The Plaza was entirely funded through donations. Donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated. If you would like to recognize the service of a veteran, including those currently on active service, please consider dedicating a brick in their honor.

You can honor a Veteran by donating $100.00 for a Single brick (4" x 8")  by downloading and completing this form

If you have any questions about ordering a Brick for the Shoreline Veterans Recognition Plaza. Please send and email to the following Email SVAAdmin

To order online, please click here.

Here is an example  of a  Single Brick