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 Stories Submitted by Post Members



Here’s how you can share your story:    

(A) You can write your story yourself and e-mail it to me at   p227al@gmail.com  or,

(B) You can reply to this e-mail indicating that you would like to be interviewed by phone to tell your story. Your reply should include your name and phone number. Someone will then call to interview you and prepare the story. 

(C) We can help getting your pictures digitized and into your bio.


So far the following members have submitted stories:

Carrol Goering --  His Bio

Larry Fischer --  The Berlin Airlift
                            The Cold War
                            Candy Bombers

Merlin Staatz -- His Bio

Richard Christinson  -- His Bio

Steve Ulmer -- His Bio

Raymond Coffey -- HIs Bio

Dick Woo  --  HIs Bio
                       His Photos

Dwight Stevens By Doug Cerrtti  -- His Bio

Jerry Pickard -- His Bio

Doug Cerretti -- His Bio